Dear friends,

We are writing today to wish you a really (like really really) happy 2018! OK, we are a bit late because we have been split between Barcelona, Paris, México & Lyon! We start 2018 with such a good vibe that we wanted to share our new year resolutions with you!

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In January, take some time off

This month is perfect to take time to think & review what you have achieved. It helps so much to focus on what you want to improve & take big decisions.

In 2017, we launched DSTN worldwide: offering photos, videos, social media or marketing consulting services. Based in Barcelona, we moved all around Europe to carry out your projects: Greece, Mallorca, Lisbon...etc. We had a wonderful year with you and promise to make 2018 even better! 

Today, we share 5 things that will make this new year outstanding.

5 things to be excited about

#1 México

We decided to relocate to México for a few months. We are taking this big step for many good reasons:
- there is such a powerful & creative environment there.
- we will be inspired by a new playground & will innovate.
- we offer you the opportunity to have your products shot in the most beautiful places! Don't wait too long before shipping us your products, summer is almost here ;)
- Thanks to the time difference with Europe, we will be able to work ahead of your timezone, sending you the results right to your mailbox when you wake up ;)

#2 Fujifilm

A year ago, we switched from Canon to Sony Alpha for videos. Now we go with Fujifilm for photos! What a big change right? We fell in love with Fuji and wanted to try a new gear: the XT2 with the Fujinon XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR !
So far:
- we love the colors & grains
- this is so convenient for traveling: much lighter to carry on!
- no need to have multiple lenses because this one performs like a queen.
- we now belong to the great Fuji community!


#3 Blogging

Blogging is the best therapy. It allows to take time to think, clearly define our ideas and make it happen! We really want to take more time to write. We would love to share photography & social media tips to help you run your business. We are also thinking of  "easy-to-follow" Social Media Courses. What do you think?

Julia will be also busy building up the Hey Les Copines Community. She helps female entrepreneurs & globe-trotters to connect all around the world, spreading good vibes on social media. 

#4 Off Frame

As you know, we love to play with the established rules like on our Instagram account @studiodstn. This is something really core to the DSTN DNA, so we want to dig deeper in that direction.

Oh, and please, follow us!


#5  Be fair

Last but not least, a new year is another 365 opportunities to improve ourselves. Many of our colleagues and co-workers would probably feel concerned about this. When you are a young company, you tend to build your portfolio and trust with your clients. How to fix the right price? How to be fair, to them, to YOU and to your industry? This is something we have learned over the last months. If we want to be able to grow, pay ourselves, maintain a high level of services & content, we just need to charge a fair price! 

Let's be fair, all of us:
- Recognize the work and time the freelancer spends on your project.
- Understand that if you don't pay taxes on hiring a freelancer, it's because they pay them for the both of you.
- Take into consideration the size of the company you are dealing with and adapt! We personally believe that we have to support each other to make this planet a better place.

We tend to always focus on the best of any situation. Our favourite word is "bienveillance" which means "kindness" in French. And yes, you can be kind, fair & run a successful business.

With these positive vibes, we wish you a funny, entertaining, challenging & happy 2018!

Julia & Bernardo.