TAPALPA, México (October 2016)

DSTN Journey #03 : Into the woods

Last October, we went to the beautiful land of "México lindo y querido". We were looking for new inspiration, colors and Nature. We headed to Tapalpa, a small village in the region of Jalisco.

We were just the two of us during this trip. We agreed on organizing a two day shooting to create new content for 3 brands. It was around noon when we walked through the forrest to find a great spot. The place was so peaceful and inspirational. We stayed for hours! It was so quiet and green. We felt lucky to be surrounded by such a beautiful environment. The birds and trees were flirting while we were catching a good light to shoot the jewelry. 

Later on, we walked a few meters away and found this little river. Again, we took new pictures after a little relaxation time and some refreshments. It even rained for a few minutes, and it was even more magical. 

During this short production trip, we shot two jewelry brands and one eyewear brand. It was an opportunity to capture pictures that perfectly fit with the upcoming fall season. We wanted to honor the roots of the jewelry brands, from México and South Africa, both really respectful of Nature.

The goal of this journey was to capture emotions and show how those brands are related to Nature and elements such as wood, water, textures. The eyewear brand is made for people who love to explore.

Hope you will enjoy this visual journey to Tapalpa. I must confess that this was a special journey to me (Julia). It totally convinced me to quit my regular Marketing job and dedicate myself to content creation full time. Now we share our passion with many entrepreneurs and brands in so many different places in the world. I am forever grateful for the brands who gave me the opportunity to help them grow their businesses. This is such a win-win collaboration and I love my clients. 

Happy to share some behind the scenes as well. Feel free to ask questions.


Julia & Bernardo