Creative & passionate beings!

Julia is the founder of Studio DSTN. The creative type with marketing skills! Her entrepreneurial spirit & passion for the digital world inspired her to co-create the upbeat community @heylescopines.

We work with international talents such as video directors, photographers, art directors, producers, musicians…etc.

OUR story

2013 / First Mexican-French collaboration for a branding video. We didn't know at the time that it would be the beginning of DSTN!
2015 / Julia co-created Hey Les Copines with Caroline Szpira: the first community of French millennial women living the good life & inspiring others to be entrepreneurs, travelers or expats. A true lifestyle was born on social media and continues to grow everyday.
2017 / BOOM! Julia & Bernardo met again in Barcelona. The desire to explore their respective talents, to grow artistically and professionally, pushed them to collaborate on specific projects together. That’s how Julia created DSTN.

In a few words, this studio is a way to do what we like the most: to create and to make people happy. Not an easy task but we work hard for it.

The creative process

Dreamers and pragmatists at the same time, we are strongly convinced that, more than ever, brands need to connect with their customers. We love to tell stories that are honest, authentic and real. That's why we follow those 3 steps:

# 1 Fall in love with your brand
We want to get to know you, to really understand who you are, what it took to get where you are today.
Our job is to compact all of this knowledge, in the clearest and simplest way possible, through beautiful content.

# 2 Open-up to our creativity to find magic
We will help you find this "je ne sais quoi" that will show emotion and engage your audience with your brand. A touch of storytelling, a bit of branding and a good content strategy will organically create your own new audience.

# 3 Tell your story to the world
Our mission is to walk with you along the road, to show the best of you, everywhere, all the time. We are happy gardeners, those who water your plants for you, with just what it takes, to make them grow peacefully.