Bernardo De Anda is a Director based between México & Europe who works on advertising videos, commercials, music videos, fashion films & short films worldwide.


In 2010, Bernardo De Anda co-founded the local production company Encinta, based in Guadalajara, México. For more than 7 years he has developed his art as a Director, DOP and editor. In 2017, he took part in the Master of Cinema & direction at ESCAC in Barcelona and then started a new adventure with DSTN worldwide.

Huge fan of the documentary style in order to portray the rawness of reality. Bernardo’s style of directing is characterized by the care and love for natural light.


Music Videos

Live Phoenix (2013, Guadalajara) Co-director. 
Cenizas en el mar (2015, Colima) DOP y Editor.
Live Technicolor Fabrics (2015, Guadalajara) Codirector y Editor
Aurum - Verte más (2015 Guadalajara) Director y DOP
Ray Coyote - L Brigada (2015, Guadalajara) Director y DOP
Camilo Séptimo “Eres” (2016, Guadalajara) Codirector y DOP
Medieval - Disidente (2017, Guadalajara) DOP

TV & online Commercials

Tequila Don Roberto (2013, Guadalajara) Codirector
Tequila el Patriarca (2014, Jalisco) Codirector y DOP
Conmemorativo 100 años del Deportivo Toluca (2016, Toluca) Director
Feed, Christal Sailing, Charly James etc. (Europa, 2017) Codirector

Short films

“La Búsqueda” para Cruz.e Skateboards (2016, Barcelona) Director
“Agua de mar” (2017, Barcelona) Director

Fashion films

Laagam Fashion Film (Barcelona 2017) Codirector.