Mallorca, España (June 2017)

DSTN Journey #04 : Les grandes vacances

We have been wondering for a long time if we should share all of those details with you. After all, our simplicity and authenticity are what define us! When we decided to publish this "journal", we thought it was a great way to express ourselves and share a bit of our personality. Yeah, this is not another boring "agency" website built for SEO only!

Enough said, let's concentrate on "Les Grandes Vacances". Don't get it wrong, this is not a post about "what to do in Mallorca" but "where to shoot in Mallorca". This first trip to the island has been really interesting, we have spotted a LOT of AMAZING locations for future shootings. The proximity to Barcelona makes the trip even easier to organize.

Blue is your customers' favorite color!

Studies show that Blue is the most likeable color on social media on Instagram for example. Actually, when you start advertising for the summer season, you definitely NEED to add some blue pictures to your feed.

We planned this trip to Mallorca early June in order to be ahead of the upcoming summer season, and take advantage of its 50 shades of blue. Perfect location & timing to shoot new accessories...

Production tips

Creating content for brands is not easy when you don't know the location first. That's why in Mallorca we did a lot of pre-prod work. You have to be very flexible and have a plan B, C and D in case the reality differs from your expectations! 

A production journey for outdoor brands

We chose Mallorca for its landscapes. The big plus of this island is that you have both the mountains and the beach. Which is perfect to shoot "exploration" and "outdoor" type of brands such as Rise Eyewear.

We also had the opportunity to take a big brand to this journey. We are so sorry that we can't showcase all of it in this blog post... Many of the content we produced is not out yet and will be released next spring. We can't wait!

Hope you will like it.

Julia & Bernardo.

Never underestimate the power of a GoPro! Easy to carry with you everywhere.

Never underestimate the power of a GoPro! Easy to carry with you everywhere.

Working on the storyboard 

Working on the storyboard 

The perfect location and light for this shooting

The perfect location and light for this shooting