Hello everyone, we are back!

So delighted to share what happened to us during the last few months! Actually, we have been working a lot, which is great, right?! As you know, we travel with brands: it means that we take your products to amazing places. You receive great content (photos & videos) directly to your mailbox and ready to post on social media! How amazing is that?

So, last October, we headed to Greece. This journey was INTENSE, we loved it. Before the trip, I wrote a few lines and I decided to publish them.

Throwback early september

"Tuesday, September 6th"

In a few days, we're heading to this big photo & video production trip "The Greek Expedition". We are really excited, this has been so much work & effort, and it's here already. First, we are aware that we are lucky: we can live from our passion, and share it with our friends. This trip would not have been possible without Caroline Szpira, Julia's partner with Hey Les Copines and Alexandre, our partner with Christal Sailing who trusted us, while giving us the mission to shoot a full week onboard.


"Friday September 9th"

Excited yes, but nervous at the same time! Yes, we have the best environment possible to shoot images but this is a lot of work for us and many tend to forget about this part. Lately, we have been overwhelmed with requests. Let's see what we can do with our amazing team!

Ready to fly to Greece!


"Friday, September 21th"

We have on board three bloggers & friends @carolineszpira @ruedesrosiers @manonsilvaroma @eleonoremeniger @christalsailing. We have been reviewing together the route and activities while preparing our communication plan for the next few days. We launched a newsletter & a blog post on www.heylescopines.com with Caroline.


After coming back from Greece, we dedicated our time on editing & post production.

Sometimes images are more powerful than words. 

Thank you for being part of this journey

This experience was truly amazing. A bit challenging as everyday we had to adapt the planning regarding the weather. We enjoyed many activities, had incredible lighting to capture beautiful moments and we had so much fun shooting. Seriously, the environment blew our minds. We produced many videos and photos that we saw on social media right after the trip! We are so happy to see that all the content has been released and liked pretty much all over the internet! It makes us happy to share stories with our cameras, and see our content on your websites.

Special thanks to Alexandre & Caro from Christal Sailing for this unforgettable experience on board. (Yeah, book your vacations with them you won't regret it!).


The gear

You often ask us what is our equipment. So for this expedition we shot with:
- GoPro Hero 6 Black with a dome from Polar Pro
- A drone, the DJI Mavic Pro
- Camera Sony Alpha 7si
- All kind of lenses: Zeiss, Rokinon, Sigma
- Glidecam, tripode

Hope you enjoyed it. See you soon!

Julia & Bernardo.