Hey guys! It's Julia & Bernardo again.

We are back with the last DSTN journey to Lisbon, Portugal. We were really excited to go there for Web Summit, but also to shoot around this beautiful and vibrant city.

Web Summit 2017

First of all, we had the chance to assist to the Web Summit and wanted to share some of our highlights from the event.


It was 3 intense days, meeting inspiring people, assisting to minded conferences about tech, robots, content creation, environment and so on. 

We listened to Mike Massimino, an astronaute who has been twice to space (impressive, right?) and he was telling us how you should take risks if it is is important to you. He finished his talk saying "you just have one life, do something that you love." On point.

We also attended a conference with the marketing team of LEGO. We all know this company from our childhood. They have the most innovative communication through social media. Their advice are "don't create a campaign, create a stage: kids want to play!" It makes us so confident about what DSTN does, as we make people creating stories with us. 

Let's go explore Lisbon!


Shooting around the city

We built a strong plan for the 4 days of shoot in beautiful Lisbon. By the way, if you are interested to know how we build a pre production plan, let us know on the comments section ;) We can write down our tips in a special blog post, if you guys are interested.


So, we had 2 different brands to shoot all around the city. We were looking for different atmospheres. We usually like the historic part better, even if it is sometimes cliché. We also look for underground and design areas. Lisbon has so much to offer! 


Sunrise vs Sunset

We always love to shoot during the famous "golden hour" right before the sunset, but we also love sunrises...Hard to choose! The light is so pure, the city is empty: you really feel something special.


Meeting with the girls

Julia came up with the idea of organizing a meet-up with the girls following her community "Hey Les Copines" on Instagram. That's how we met Léa, Fanny, Aïda, Sarah, Mathy and Alicia, all expats here. We met at LX factory and took some pics on the rooftop Rio Maravilha.


Where are we going next?

Well, good question. SURPRISE. Next year we will be shooting in México all year long. Do you wanna join?

With love,

Bernardo & Julia